Facebook and Twitter giveaway.

I just launched my Twitter and Facebook pages therefore I will be doing a giveaway to spread the world about my website. I will give away two times 250 Doge to a random follower on Twitter and a random person who likes my Facebook page. Winner will be chosen when I hit 1000 likes and 1000 followers. This will increase my traffic and ad income so this may be a way for me to bring even more to you guys.

So what are you waiting for? go to my pages and follow & like them and make a chance to win 250Doge.
If this becomes a success there will be more giveaway’s and or Like/follow goals to increase the faucet payout.

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Support Me...............................................: Hi, I have implemented Coinhive browser mining to help me fill up the faucet. You can turn it off by choice, but it is much appreciated if you keep it on for the short period your here :).
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