Moon faucets with solvemedia!

Hey claimers,

I just found out that I can use my favorite faucets again. And I am talking about the Mooncoin faucets, If you were having trouble filling in reCaptchas anti-bot verifications just like me then there is good news they now also support Solvemedia. I just noticed this I don’t know how long they have it already.

So all of you who could not claim there before can now by using Solvemedia.

For all of those who are new with the Moonfaucets  go claim there now and bookmark the faucet pages because these are some of the best faucets with the building up bonuses.

Faucets like Moon faucets.

Here are some other great faucets with somewhat the same system as the moon faucets, they might not pay as high as the moon faucets do but when you just claim once a day and build up your bonus it will be worth it.

Field Bitcoins







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Support Me...............................................: Hi, I have implemented Coinhive browser mining to help me fill up the faucet. You can turn it off by choice, but it is much appreciated if you keep it on for the short period your here :).
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