Cool new PTC/Video earning website

New PTC/Video earning website

Hey, was looking on the web and found this new ptc/video earning site.

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Normally I don’t like PTC website that much but there are lots of occasions where they are quite use full and the extra payment is pretty nice per instant if you have 2 screens you can have use 1 to view ptc pages while you can claim or do whatever you want on your main screen or I like to have my laptop near me and click and view a PTC ad every now and then. You get the point, this one also has videos offers which I do like a lot since you can let them play in another window, and yes these video offer work there are some stupid video offer sites and they never play ads so you get not payed.

The pay in 4 different currencies Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin and Ethereum. What they pay per ad varies I think that is up to the advertisers to choose.

The site is in beta and therefore quite new so It has more room for growth in advertisers so there are more opportunities to earn, mostly with new sites it is uncertain f they pay but luckily I got a youtube add on this site that promoted the site and proved a legit payout to Faucethub so that is also nice to know.

As always I hope this site will earn you a lot of coins. Soon I will create a new page with a list for ptc/click/video sites for the one that enjoy those.

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