A few more earning sites

A few more earning sites.

Satoshi monster

Satoshi monster is a simple faucet with a nice friendly design, They have a reachable payout limit of 30k a satoshi. At this moment you can claim every 15 minutes around 20 satoshi.

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Potcoinlotto is obviious a site where you can play lotto with your potcoin. But they also have a hourly faucet and you can earn potcoin by playing snake, no joke. They also have Hi Lo for those of you who like that.

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Btc quiz is a btc quiz game, every minute they have a new question if you where one of the first 3 to answer the question correct you earn some satoshi, and they also have hourly faucet. But what I like about this one is to just put it on a tab in the background and every now and then I check the new question and just answer it.

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