3 Good earning sites

3 Good earning sites

Hi claimers, I got 3 nice sites for you today, which you can use to increase your crypto gains. Their not too special but they do pay out quite nice if you keep using them every now and then on a daily basis.

The first one is a simple but great faucet. Yannick Faucet, this faucet uses a similar script as the moon faucets which cause the claim prize to grow over time and causes payout to be pretty good. Below I have the payout chart, I just like to claim once a day sometimes more but overal if you just claim once you will have 800 sats in 10 days for visiting 1 website which takes you less than 1-2 minutes.

after 10 minutes = 4 Satoshi
after 15 minutes = 6 Satoshi
after 30 minutes = 14 Satoshi
after 1 hour = 23 Satoshi
after 4 hours = 43 Satoshi
after 1 Day = 80 Satoshi

Another old but gold faucet is freebtcmine, many may already know this one but I just wanted to put this one out here because it pay’s really good. You can claim 50 satoshi every 15 minutes, and you can even upgrade your stats to increase the payout.I do not tend to do this but I bet If I had I would have profited from it since I use this one already for more than 6 months. It has quite a high payout threshold of 50000 satoshi but this faucet is 100% trusted since it is owned by the owner of Faucethub where the payment directly goes once you reached the limit.

And the final site of today, 2Captcha a captcha filling site. You simply solve captcha’s and you get payed per captcha, the earning are calculated in USD 0.18 per 1000 ┬ánormal captcha’s 1.00 per 1000 reCaptcha’s. They have different payment methods like bitcoins, or even straight to coinbase. So if you are a fast typer and are good in solving captcha’s this is definitely a nice one for you.

All 3 sites in a row

Yannick Faucet



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