A good PTC site

A good PTC site

This website is maybe pretty much known already, but I dont tend to use to much PTC sites untill lately and I found out this one is pretty good. Its AdBtc, this is a simple ptc site that pay’s out in Bitcoin to your wallet or straight to FaucetHub. They have PTC ads ranging from 60 seconds to 5 seconds with rewards ranging from 5 to 150 satoshi per ad. There are 3 way to complete ads, with autosurf you automaticly go through the available ads and you can leave your computer alone the downside of this is there are not to much advertisers. Furtheron you have active window ads which requires you to keep the Ad window active and complete a verivication task to verify. And finnally the most rewarding and quite easy way is just to view ads manually this way you dont need to have the ad window active, of these type adds there are the most. I mostly do them all every day untill there are no more ads left.
You can easily make about 300 Satoshi by just browsing ads for 5-15 minutes. And if you have 2 computers you can use your main one to claim from faucets and the second to display PTC ads, this way you only need to click the next ad every now and then on the secondĀ  computer. Or what I like to do when I’m doing something else like gaming I just have my laptop next to me and I click on a new ad every now again and earn semi-passive.

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