How to add HORA wallet to Faucethubhora wallet

Hora and Tron have arrived on the faucethub platform and that means great opportunities to earn more crypto’s. Tron one of the top currencies and Hora a game currency from cryptoidleminer that is a TRC20 token wich means it is on the tron network, just like other coins on the ethereum network. Now to earn them you need a wallet and add a wallet to faucethub.

And you can get one here:     WALLET

I personally use the chrome extension but you can choose whatever version you like. Once you have installed your wallet you will need to choose a password and write your word combination down as always. Then it creates a Tron address for you, which you can add in faucethub. Then you go to asset management and search for HORA, and add it. Now you have created a Hora adress on the dashboard which you can add to faucethub, and go claim some coins :D.

You can also use your Tron address on faucethub to receive HORA tokens but you cannot use the same address you used for Tron so its better to create Hora wallet like above.

To be able to send coins to the wallet you need to activate it with a transaction of 0.1 TRX since its on the Tron network. After that you can send and receive with the hora wallet.

Claim HORA or TRON from Freebitking’s Autofaucet

Other freebitking faucets

Soon I will add Tron and Hora  regular faucet. And there will be faucetlists listed and best other places to earn Tron and HORA.

Also I will update the wallet page for other alternative wallets but this is by far one of the best.

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  1. i have loaded tronlink wallet but cannot see anything on it about the actual tron or hora wallets. I have written to their support several days ago and heard nothing

    1. Hi paul, I have another blogpost with a full guide on tronlink. Here is a link hope it helps you. Else leave another comment and I will help If I have time 🙂

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