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More Free Coins, LAtoken Airdrop & Additional Coinbase Earn.

More free coins to get, signup for the LAtoken Airdrop of Tat 888 and get about $15 worth, and complete the new coinbase earn task and earn 14 additional DAI.

For the coinbase earn task simply go to coinbase and go to the earn page, or click here. Dont have a coinbase account yet? Sign up here and then do the earn task. For this task you will need to install the newest wallet app from coinbase, which is decentralized and gives you acces to your private keys.

Further on there is a airdrop on Tat 888. A TRC20 Token run on the Tron network ofcourse. Its from a gambling dApp you can get about $15 in Tat888 token for free. Click here for the airdrop, there are some tasks to do, one is create a tronlink account, second create a 888 reflink. Third you could skip, they ask you to do 5 rolls on their gambling dApp but this is risky ofcourse. I would skip this task, and then final post your ref link on any social media and share the link.

Hope this got you some of the free coins

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