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Brave Browser, Browse Faster & Earn BAT

Brave browser is a browser based on privacy and speed. The goal is to not waste speed or data for advertisements and tracking cookies, and therefore creating more privacy. The current internet has become a cesspool of ads. The internet is no longer a product for people, people have become the product of the internet of ads.

However Brave will have advertisements, but no ads based on cookies and browser history since those are not stored. If you dont want to view ads you can turn it off. In return you get payed for viewing these ads. And to monetize and support creators on the web people can support them by tipping.

Tipping and earning from advertisements will be done in BAT, Brave’s own cryptocurrency, which is traded in most know places already.

So to summarize with brave you can: Brose faster, More privacy, Earn BAT, Support your’e favorite creators.

Take notice with faucets though, Faucets thrive from ads to pay their users.
So please dont use Brave with Faucets to support them else you might get banned.

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