The beginner faucet pack!

The beginner faucet pack! For the new people in the crypto faucet world, I have made this post. A list with the best and most well known faucets. If you use faucets but don’t use these what are you even doing? To start off with the most famous. Freebitcoin&Freedogecoin and where one of…

EOBOT faucet & cloudmining.

EOBOT faucet & cloudmining, Guide. Eobot has been around for quite a while, and is a cloudmining platform also there is a Eobot faucet. Eobot is one of the few cloudmining websites that actually pays. However they have high fees so its a bit of a hussle to actually earn something, just like faucets. New…

Great dailly faucet

TheCryptoFaucet, Great dailly faucet, High payout register Found this new great multifaucet, I have advertised it on my faucets already and its on the multifaucetlist, but I think it deserved some more attention hence this blogpost. TheCryptoFaucet is a multifaucet where you can claim once a day, Payouts are rather high and there is 50%…

Yannik Review & Guide Review & Guide added

Yannik Faucet Review & Guide I just added a review & guide on the faucetsite This is a highly trusted faucet and exists for over 4 years already. It pays its users well, check out my review & guide so you can earn some crypto’s. Yannik Review & Guide

Cointiply Review & Guide

Cointiply Review & Guide added

Cointiply Review & Guide Most of you will already know cointiply since its one of the best paying faucetsites connected to faucethub. I have just finished the Review&Guide page. Take a look may you earn lots of coins through this site! Cointiply Review & Guide

ETHXUP Ethereum Faucet

New good Ethereum faucet

New good Ethereum faucet Got a nice new faucet site for you, this one is only focussed on ethereum. It is from the owner of Btcxup and is quite the same but then it pay’s ethereum. Register here for Ethxup and if you haven’t as well registered at Btcxup Click here. On this faucet-site there…

Lucky Bits Blog Post

Another multifaucet

Another multifaucet Hi claimers, I got this nice multifaucet for you. Its been around for a while but I completely missed it. The site is They have faucets for Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin. You can also play games like dice and slotmachines, as well as there are offerwalls ptc ads and a lotto where…

QuizBTC, Potcoinlotto and Satoshi Monster Blog post

A few more earning sites

A few more earning sites. Satoshi monster Satoshi monster is a simple faucet with a nice friendly design, They have a reachable payout limit of 30k a satoshi. At this moment you can claim every 15 minutes around 20 satoshi. register link Potcoinlotto Potcoinlotto is obviious a site where you can play lotto with your…

3 Great Earning Sites Blogpost

3 Good earning sites

3 Good earning sites Hi claimers, I got 3 nice sites for you today, which you can use to increase your crypto gains. Their not too special but they do pay out quite nice if you keep using them every now and then on a daily basis. The first one is a simple but great…

CryptoMiningGame Blogpost

Another mining game

Another mining game Found this one last day, A web click game around cryptocurrency mining where you earn real crypto’s. You can earn Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. Pay’s out to Faucethub. In this game you can choose to mine 3 currencies in the begin Bitcoin, Doge and Litecoin. You have…

Favorite Earning sites

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