dApps Page

dApps Page You might have noticed by now I have added a new section to the website the DAPP page, standing for Decentralized applications. On this page I have information teaching you what decentralized applications are, what blockchain platforms they run and which wallet to get with a setup guide. Also will I make specific…

Autofaucets open Again

Auto Faucets open Again! Freebitkings autofaucets are open again, go to the faucetpage and start claiming with minimal effort. I also opened a second and third version so you can claim from 3 autofaucets at once, enjoy! auto.freebitking.com auto2.freebitking.com auto3.freebitking.com Claim Dogecoin, Digibyte, Tron, Potcoin or Hora. Want to find more great autofaucets? take a…

Multifaucetlist *Updated*

Multifaucet list Updated I just updated the multifaucet list. A lot of new great multifaucets added. More and more being added take a look. Freebitking’s Multifaucetlist Know a good multifaucet? let me know and Ill be your referral ūüėÄ

Crypto Earning Apps

Earning Apps page updated!

Earning Apps page updated! Hello, fellow cryptoclaimers. Its been a while since I made a update on the website. But Im happy to tell you more updates and earning opportunities are comming. Lets get straight to the point. Recently my phone¬† broke so I finally decided to buy an android phone since I used to…

Crypto Earning Games Newspost

Crypto earning-game page updated

Check out the updated Crypto earning-game page. Here you can find the best crypto earning games. Soon more games and extra information to be added. Crypto earning games.

Bitcore Faucetlist Blogpost

Bitcore Faucetlist added

Added Bitcore faucet list. I have added another page to the website with a Bitcore faucet list.¬†Check it out here Bitcore list. ¬†Just like all my faucetlists they are sortable and you can search on certain keywords like captcha types or time amounts. I am working on Black, Peer and Primecoin list as well as…

Bitcoin Cash Faucetlist Blogpost

Bitcoin cash Faucet list.

Added Bcash faucet list. Hey ¬†claimers, I have added a new faucet list for those of you who enjoy bitcoin cash. Check it out here Bcash Faucetlist.¬† Just like all my faucetlists they are sortable and you can search on certain keywords like captcha types or time amounts. Hope this will help you earn more…

Crypto Earning Apps Blogpost

Mobile crypto earning applications

First off I want to wish you a happy new year and I wish you the best on getting as much cryptos as you can. And ¬†Ill be there to help you with that, I will update and add more links where you can earn on the website when I can but for now I…

Earning Games Blogpost

Play games, earn satoshi’s

I have just added a new page to the site. The Game earning site list, on this page as you can guess I have listed the top games that earn you crypto’s. In the longterm these games are very profitable, it takes some time to start out but after a while of ¬†building up rewards…

Facebook & Twitter Giveaway

Facebook and Twitter giveaway.

I just launched my Twitter and Facebook pages therefore I will be doing a giveaway to spread the world about my website. I will give away two times 250 Doge to a random follower on Twitter and a random person who likes my Facebook page. Winner will be chosen when I hit 1000 likes and…

Favorite Earning sites

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