Coinhive mining implemented.

Yesterday I have Implemented Coinhive browser mining to the website. I understand that a lot of users do not like browser mining and that is why I haven’t implemented it before. Because with the newest update you can toggle it off by choice (see bottom right corner when you enter my website). But I strongly advice you to keep it on if you want to support me just for that little time you are here to claim or browse my faucet-lists.

The reason I do this is to have more Income from this site, so it is easier to pay the doge I give away. For now I am not sure how much more this will make me but I promise if the income increases drastically, the claim price will go up and the sooner I will add new faucets which is planned, and I might do more giveaways.

For those who do choose to keep the miner on I would like to thank you very much for supporting me.

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