Crypto Warfare – New bitcoin earning game

Crypto warfare.

The newest game website from the owners of Faucethub. Listen up guys there is a cool new earning game out there and its owned by Faucethub, what does that mean? Well if you look at other games owned by faucethub you can get incredible high earnings there, and because this website is new at this point it is real easy to get a headstart of other players and earn a stake in the monopoly you can use to increase your earnings.

Crypto Warfare - Cryptocurrency MMORPG
About the game.

Crypto Warfare is set to be a MMORPG there are 5 classes with each different play styles like the hacker, miner, trader, crime boss and official.  you can play each one on 1 account. What you do mostly is collect data from the cyberspace matrix which will earn you bitcoins. In the future I might make a guide for this gaming site for now enjoy and earn some cryptos.

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