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Cryptoflowers DAPP and Guide


What is cryptoflowers

Cryptoflowers is a dapp (decentralized application), and this dapp is a digital collector game where you collect flowers. These flowers are bound to the blockchain and all are rare on their own, so there can be no flower similar to any other. You can get flowers by buying them with cryptocurrency, and then breed them to get more flowers.

In Cryptoflowers dapp different flowers have different traits and colors based on their dna which determine their rarities, which I explain some more bellow. There is the flower expo where you can sell or buy your flowers, or try to flip them and earn some extra crypto’s to either reinvest or cash out. You can also put up flowers up to breed with other peoples flowers on the internet which they will pay for. And as you try to earn more you want to get more unique flowers to sell or put up for breeding, so you will have to discover new flower types by breeding yourself.

So you can collect cryptoflowers and try to sell them for profit, also in the future you can watch your flowers in augmented reality. The makers of this project goal is to spread cryptocurrencies with fun games so I hope this helps

Cryptoflowers can be played on the internet browser or on your phone with the application from the appstore.


What blockchain is cryptoflowers on

Cryptoflowers dapp is available on the Ethereum and Tron blockchain. I myself prefer Tron as there are no to minimum fees with the energy system.

If you dont have a wallet for either Tron or Ethereum where you can interact with dapps yet check out the links bellow if needed I have a guide for setup aswell

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What can you do

In Cryptoflowers there are a few main things you can do. Besides being soon able to watch your flowers in augmented reality which are collecting, breeding and selling or buying.


Collecting flowers is the main goal of the game and you can do that by breeding or selling and buying.


With breeding you simply let flower breed with eachoter to make a new flower. As logical as it sounds requires two flowers. You can either breed with your own flowers  or you can breed on the market with other people their flowers. Which they have put up there as you can do also for yourself. When you put up a flower you can choose how much people pay for the breed yourself. They get TRX and you get a new flower. This way you can search for cheap breeds or unique traits of flowers you want to combine with.



For some collecting isnt everything and just want to make some extra crypto. You can do this by buying and selling flowers, and try to flip them. You simply just buy with TRX or ETH and then try to resell them again for a higher price. I look every now and then if there are some cheap flowers bellow average price and then try to resell them. Further on if you want to collect you will certainly want to buy some flowers, to even begin you need atleast one flower. But to get some rare traits and get more unique flowers checking the flower expo is highly recommanded

Grades, DNA & Generations


In the Cryptoflowers dapp flowers have many different statistics based on a few things. One of the main statistic is the recovery time which tells how much time it takes to restore after your flower has bred. This is based on the flowers generation. The very first flowers where Generation0 (G0) The lower the generation the faster recovery time they have. If you breed two G0 flowers you get a generation 1 flower (G1) and so on. If you combine a G2 with a G7 for instance you will always get one generation higer than the highest Flower so you would get a G8.

Furthermore there are grades which are based on DNA. Here on the right is a picture which displays all grades.

uR (ultra rare) is the most rare grade and E the most common grades are based on the rarities of the parts of the dna string of the flower.

Bellow is an example of a dna strain, the nine horizontal colored lines represent traits. Each trait has its has a rank listed from low to high: Uncommon, Rare, Extremely rare and Legendary. The more higher the traits the higher the Flower grade.

flower grades
flower dna
This dna here has mostly only green(uncommon) and a purple (extremely rare) To either get a better plant grade with breeding you want to combine higher dna traits with eachother. When you breed the new flower will have some traits from both plants and you will hope you get the highest traits. There is also a chance there will be a mutation when 2 traits get combined and you create a new dna trait this way.

dna rarities 

Personal opinion and tips

Now personally I have put in about 200 TRX and so far earned a little more than 100 TRX back and I only just started using it, as I am testing for now. In the longterm Im sure I will make my investment back and I might keep investing even more.

If you think you would like this but dont want to spend a lot of crypto. You can for minimum start out with around 5-15 TRX. Buy 1 cheap flower and put it up for breeding and wait till someone buys it. Or simplytry to sell them for 10% more and build up from those earnings.

But to really want get started I advice to spend about 100 TRX or more and then  to earn it back by breeding and or selling.

Furtheron this game has been out since 2018 and is still pretty young as is crypto in its whole. From this point it can only grow bigger and therefore you can now get a headstart before it gets too populair. As I state before the asian market is crazy on these kind of games and will probably cause for a healthy market and besides that who doesnt like flowers.

Hope this informed you enough, If you liked this post and want to find out more dapps go click on one of the links bellow.


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