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You might have noticed by now I have added a new section to the website the DAPP page, standing for Decentralized applications. On this page I have information teaching you what decentralized applications are, what blockchain platforms they run and which wallet to get with a setup guide. Also will I make specific guides and reviews on  decentralized apps. For now I will be exploring Tron and Ethereum dapps.

What are dApps

dApps are Decentralized internet applications that run on Peer to Peer blockchain networks.  And it utilizes smart contracts to make the applications work. This means that actions in dApps can cost the specific cryptocurrency of the network its run on, or just a small gas fee and a wallet of the specific blockchain is needed to login.

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Wallets guides

For dApps you special wallets to integrate with your browser and the blockchain to make smart contracts. Below I have guide for either Tron and Ethereum, so you can easily setup your wallets to start using dapps. You can import your own keys or simply import new ones, also there are additinal cool functions I explain in the guide.



For now I cover dApps on the Tron and Ethereum network. In the future I might be expending to EOS and some others in the future. I got some games up on the dapp pages already, I will be adding exchanges and other usefull decentralized applications aswell. So keep an eye out for these pages if you dont want to miss anything. There can also be many referral bonusses gained from dapps so its definiatly worth a try. If you found a dapp you dont see on my website? Let me know I might add it.


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