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EOBOT faucet & cloudmining, Guide.

Eobot has been around for quite a while, and is a cloudmining platform also there is a Eobot faucet. Eobot is one of the few cloudmining websites that actually pays. However they have high fees so its a bit of a hussle to actually earn something, just like faucets.

New to cloudmining check out this page first.

After that sign up here,
or if you have already read the guide down below to increase your earnings


On eobot there are 22 currencies, you can get these through the dailly faucet or by using cloud mining.

BTC ethereum litecoin bitcoincash dogecoin xrp dashcoin tron cardano cure nem monero zcash fatcom bytecoin steem Lisk EOS  stellar ethereum classic grimm

And there are GHS contracts (5.0 and 6.0)  which are for the mining, you rent cloud mining for 10 year contracts but mostly they expire earlyer due to electricity fees rising through the years because of the algorithm difficulty increasing.


I do not recommend you to not depossit large amounts of crypto’s. Either claim cloud mining  GHSpower or crypto from the faucet. To do this you need to setup the coin or cloud mining contract you want to earn from the faucet.

What I do is claim from the dailly faucet and let it pay out in GHS 6.0 cloud contract, this way you earn a claim of mining contract dailly and the contract mines the rest of the day.

Always choose the newest mining contract (GHS 6.0 for now) because they probably stay the most profitable for longer time.

To do this go to your account page. And look in the top right corner for a dropdown menu, and select the GHS 6.0 contract, or the crypto you want to claim.

Now you got this selected go to the faucet page, which can be found in the top right corner in the menu under “products”.  Simply solve the captchas and claim.

Now if you choose to get cloud mining from the faucet, Make sure to select the coin you like to mine after you claimed from the faucet else it stays on the mining script and it will virtually mine cloud contract. And repeat this process every day.

Also you can rotate the mining on multiple coins by selecting divesify when selecting a coin.

Some additional tips when cloudmining. On eobot the withdraw fees are mostly very high I recommand you to choose a coin of your liking with low withdraw fees to minimize costs.

Also keep in mind to pick a coin you are certain will gain more value in the future to earn even more.

Further on you could put some money or crypto in it but you could make losses due to mining script not being profiting anymore before expiring. So only depposit what you can loose,  or earnings from faucets to experiment since they didnt cost you anything but time.

There is also a referral program so you can invite friends.

Everything is at your own risk, the minimum risk is to just claim from the faucet and mine low transaction cost coins. good luck.


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