Febbit! game faucet.

Febbit new game faucet

Febbit is a new faucet, they call it themselves a bitcoin mining simulator where you can earn real bitcoin. It acts almost like a game where you earn satoshi. Payments go straight to Faucethub and I read that in the future they will be connected to Xapo as well.

The site is fairly new so this is the best time to spread it and get referrals while its still new. Also since it is so new and there will be comming changes I cannot make a complete guide yet, I have a short description here below in the future I might make a full guide.


How does it work.

Once your registered and fully activated your account, you can got to the miner page. Here you have you’re mining stats and every hour you can claim your simulated mining earnings just like a faucet. You will get FBT (the currency of the site) and Satoshi and  a chance of getting a cache, which contains items which increases your mining stats like batteries, mining capacity, heat management units and much more, all of these Items also have rarity classes. Your FBT can be used to upgrade items from caches and thereby increase your mining even further.



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