Found a New Faucet game

New faucet game, BTCMines.

This is a cool and easy to use game where you can earn some satoshis. You can earn by mining with miners, Faucets and PTC/Video ads. You can also earn apples which are needed for you miners to feed them, else they stop working. You begin with 1 miner but you can buy more with your earned bitcoin. They pay straight to FaucetHub, they are still in beta so more cool  stuff  to come!

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For now I simply just do PTC/Video ads for apples and grind that for a while when I have the time. I give them all to my miners so they can do the work for me. Maybe you can do faucets or ads for bitcoin in begin to get a second miner quick but I would stick with apples.
As always good luck earning.

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