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LAtoken Is one of the top 20 crypto currency exchanges, with quite some top ranking coins in the crypto world. They have listed now over 200 markets, so there is most likely a coin you like to trade. However in trading the platform is not the best I personnaly recommend to trade either on Kucoin, Bittrex or Binance since the proccess is way smoother and fees are smaller.

However there are some reasons to be on LAtoken even if you prefer to trade on other platforms.


And the first one is airdrops. LAtoken has a lot of partnerships with starting projects and ICO’s. On the site there are also many token sales. And because of this you can easily gather a few bucks of crypto for free every now and then. Airdrops are way easyer to gather here than on airdropplatforms that require you to fill in KYC everytime wich is time consuming. However they do require a KYC, you only need to fill in this once at LAtoken and you’ll be eligible for most airdrops by signup and after doing tasks if necessary.

Airdrop tasks are mostly given by a simple telegram bot. You mostly need to do some social media tasks. You could easily do this with a dummy social media account if you don’t like to post and share all kind of random stuff. Overral it takes a few minutes and you wait for your airdrops to come in your LAtoken account.

Sometimes they drop real good projects sometimes it are just shitcoins. If you think its a bad project it is mostly still worth to claim them, as you can try to sell them off as fast as you can when ICO stops. Else you might end up with worthless coins in you wallet which are below minimum trade value. So note down the dropdates and see if you can gain some profits on sell off, or you keep them if you think they are worthy.

With all these Airdrops after signing up and completing possible needed tasks, you can invite more people to get more airdrop rewards.

If you want to stay updated on LAtoken Airdrops follow their telegram. Or simply follow my site and Ill share them in my blog and youll be able to support me.

Signup LAtoken


At the moment these two airdrops are going on, claim your coins now.


Japan bounty coin


Second reason to use LAtoken. What is JSEcoin? Jse is a  cryptocurrency and is mine by javascript embedded script in websites. It is a way to supposedly monetize websites and content, they also have a adnetwork that will display ads on sites that have minercodes.

Not only publishers can mine this coin also individuals with a simple computer, sign up now and earn some JSE

The mined cryptocurrency JSEcoin is an ethereum based ERC20 token and is traded on LAtoken as one of the few exchanges jse is on.


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