New Review&Guide added, Cash Mining

Hello fauceteers, I just added a new review & guide on the passive earning site Cash Mining. Here you can earn passively with the automatic ptc surfer, earn with offer walls and more. Here is the full Review & Guide hope you make the most out of it. Review&Guide. Found a great earning website, game… turns scam turns scam Hi fellow fauceteers, recently I added to my collection of favorite faucets on the footer of my website. It turns out that this site is no longer paying and I’m sorry if you registered and wasted some time there. The site normally payed every end of the week but according to…

2 Game Review&Guides added.

2 Game Review&Guides added. You might know these games already, they are pretty well known in the faucet world and community. So I had to make a review & guide on them. If youre completely new to these games I would make sure you read my full review & guide, if you use them and…

New game Review&Guide, SatoshiLabs

New game Review&Guide, SatoshiLabs Hi fellow fauceteers, A new faucet game site opened it’s doors past week and I wrote a full review & guide on this game.  The game is SatoshiLabs. If you wanna make the most out of this earning site I reccomand to fully read my guide. SatoshiLabs is a browser based…

Electroneum android miner Review&Guide

Electroneum android miner Review&Guide New on the site, review and guide of the electroneum android miner application. I think this is one of the best earning applications for android in the cryptospace.  Please read the full page here, or if you already use Electroneum miner but have not been referred yet read the guide to…

Yannik Review & Guide Review & Guide added

Yannik Faucet Review & Guide I just added a review & guide on the faucetsite This is a highly trusted faucet and exists for over 4 years already. It pays its users well, check out my review & guide so you can earn some crypto’s. Yannik Review & Guide

Cointiply Review & Guide

Cointiply Review & Guide added

Cointiply Review & Guide Most of you will already know cointiply since its one of the best paying faucetsites connected to faucethub. I have just finished the Review&Guide page. Take a look may you earn lots of coins through this site! Cointiply Review & Guide

Crypto Earning Apps

Earning Apps page updated!

Earning Apps page updated! Hello, fellow cryptoclaimers. Its been a while since I made a update on the website. But Im happy to tell you more updates and earning opportunities are comming. Lets get straight to the point. Recently my phone  broke so I finally decided to buy an android phone since I used to…

Crypto Earning Games Newspost

Crypto earning-game page updated

Check out the updated Crypto earning-game page. Here you can find the best crypto earning games. Soon more games and extra information to be added. Crypto earning games.

Bitcoin Spinner

Bitcoin Spinner, A Bitcoin earning Game

Bitcoin Spinner, A Bitcoin earning Game Register here. Bitcoin spinner is a bitcoin earning game about spinning fidget spinners. You simply spin your fidget spinner and the faster it spins the more satoshi’s you earn. You can upgrade your fidget spinner so you spin it faster and earn more by spinning your spinner. You can…

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