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reCaptcha not working?

Just want to claim from some faucets but when you use reCaptcha it keeps saying the captcha was not valid? Don’t worry you are not the only one it seems that a lot of people are having trouble with this including me, its one of the most frustrating thing that can happen when claiming from faucets so I decided to write a short article about it.

So there are a few things you can do to fix this but for me and many other it does not work. And you might be better of avoiding reCaptcha’s and try to look for faucets with Solvemedia or Slidebar captcha’s. This is a shame because some really good faucets use reCaptcha.

incorrect captcha

reCaptcha fix

First of make sure you clear your cache and delete all cookies. Second what might help is changing the browser you are using. Also you can try to refresh the DHCP-lease. And another major one is checking your internet connection if it is not stable like wifi can be it might inflict the captcha.  Another thing you could try is browsing in a incognitto window. These are the basic things you can do from your end, if you are still having trouble read on.

So from your end everything seems to be working as normal so then the problem might lie at reCaptcha. For me it did not work as well so I went to a forum of google’s reCaptcha section and asked for help. After a few days I got a reply with the help Ive written above which I had done already I told the person it did not work, and I ended up not getting helped. what you could do is the same as me and ask there for help as well, here is a link.

Also you could send an email to reCaptcha to ask for help and ask if your IP might be blacklisted, which I slightly believe is the case after you use reCaptcha very frequently, and they think you are a bot. Ofcourse google will not tell much about this here is the help page from them and somewhere near the bottom is an explanation about this and a email you can contact.

recaptcha fix

Other solution

If you don’t want to ask help on the forum or are just to lazy to send them a email. Or it still does not work :(. Then like I said above you can avoid reCaptcha and use mainly Solvemedia and Slidebar Captcha’s. These are fairly easy to solve and cause not much problems so you can claim faster from your faucets.

Here are the links mentioned above.

delete cache
delete cookies
Check internet connection
refresh DHCP lease
help page

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