Lets talk about scam’s

last week I uploaded a post recommending a mining faucet game, It turned out this one is a scam. I am talking about, so please for the people who registered there don’t go there anymore because they wont pay out, sorry for those who thought to find a nice earning website.

In the crypto-world we see a lot of scams, mostly its easy to spot them but sometimes you just cant be sure. So next week I will create a page with info about sites regarding crypto faucets that are scam’s, to inform people and help them not loose their hard earned cryptos. This week I made a mistake by not analyzing the website right, so I want you to know It is always up to you to make sure things are not a scam, because you are the one accountable for the actions you do. From now on Ill be more cautious and wont promote a scam on accident no more.

Did you find a scam? let me know on twitter facebook or @mail, and make sure no one else gets scammed!

How to spot scam’s

Mostly it is pretty easy to spot a scam here are some points you can go through to check if something is a scam.

  1. Way to high payout prizes.
  2. No contact or support.
  3. Witdraw limit, not all faucets with a withdrawal limit are scams but if a site has a limit I would check the background of the website
  4. Check the site on this site scans the site and analyzes if it is  probable scam

Like I said coming week I will create a page dedicated to this with some more info, heads up and lets not get scammed :D.



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