Some Questions and updates

Questions and Updates

Hey my claimers, I got some questions for you regarding the blog and upcoming content of my website. Im wanting to make more content and blogs for you to inform you around the world of cryptocurrency, but of course there must be an audience for it else I just write on my for nothing.

As I know most of you just want more faucets or other ways to increase their crypto earnings, which I have planned but not for now so be patience for more faucets on my site in the future. I will however keep sharing other faucets, games and other websites or even apps that can earn you crypto’s.

But besides that I got a few things I would like to share with you as well. And those are information on trading, airdrops, news and other earning websites.

With trading information I mean, to teach you how to use trade platforms and some basic trade principles. I of course won’t be able to tell you  on exactly what to buy and nor do I give financial advice! Thats up to you. But of course I can share you my opinion on coins or tokens if you like.

Now recently I found out about airdrops. For the people who don’t know what this is this are basically free giveaway’s from new starting crypto’s so you can share their product. Mostly you get the tokens/coins on ICO release. And with good projects prices of these coins can skyrocket. But even the somewhat less worthy coins can even make you a buck with trading them.

Also I would like to present some news to you sometimes, not that I will be reporting everything but mostly some of the most important topics or the most influential on the price.

And finally I would like to know if you are interested in earning websites that pay out in other things like crypto because there are a shit-ton of those and maybe some are worthy please let me know in the polls bellow.

And one last thing. If you have or know a well paying or just a fun paying website and I havent shared it yet. Send me a message on social media and/or a mail, If I like it I will use your ref code.

Would you like Information pages and blogs on trading?

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Would you like some crypto related news on my website

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Should I share other earning site that do not pay in crypto?

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