tronlink wallet guide

Tronlink Wallet Guide

This guide will completely explain you how to setup your tronlink wallet and how to use it, and many other usefull features you want to know about.

What is Tronlink

Tronlink is a Tron wallet that aims to make it easy to make use of the Tron blockchain network. Making it very easy to interact with dApps (Decentralized Applications). Tronlink can be downloaded as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and the new Brave Browser. Its also available as Android and IOS app so you can manage your wallet and use dApps everywhere you go.

Whats also a big plus about Tronlink is that very often new Tron based tokens will automaticly airdrop in your wallet, so extra free tokens.

Click the link below to get Tronlink yourself, and read on for wallet setup guide and additional information.

get tronlink


Wallet Guide

  1. Once you installed one of the Tronlink clients, on opening it up it will ask you to create a password. I cant repeat it enough make sure this password is secure because it acceses your funds.

2. After you choose a password Tronlink will generate your unique wordphrases, make sure to write this down and/or safe it somewhere safe. This is the final backup, if you loose your login or forgot your password all your funds are locked. Once done Tronlink should have automaticly created a Tron wallet for you.

3. If you want you could import your own existing wallet into tronlink, with the use of private key or the backup phrases.

You could also add additional TRX wallets on the wallet+ icon, this way you can organize multiple wallet addresses for different payments or dapp usage.

Now you have your wallet setup you can use it to send funds receive funds and sign smart contracts to be able to use dApps. Read on for additional information on adding trc20 tokens, bandwidth & energy and voting for tron representatives.

Adding Tokens guide

To add additional tokens that run on the TRX network to your wallet follow these simple steps.

1.  Open the wallet and click the menu as shown in the image below.

tronlink wallet guide image

2. Choose manage assets.

tronlink wallet guide image

2. Now you will see all your owned  assets, simply type in the name of the asset you want to add. And turn on the switch, see Image below with HORA as example.

 guide image

Your wallet should now automaticly added a new address for the token you have chosen. And will display it on the main menu of your wallet. You can add any amount of tokens you want, when adding token make sure you know your adding the right one.

Bandwidth & Energy guide

In comparison to Ethereum using gas as fee to transactions and smartcontracts, Tron has Bandwidth and Energy. Both can be gained from freezing your tron, freezing is a function that will lock your TRX for a specific time. While your TRX is frozen you can not trade sell or do anything with them, as reward you get Bandwidth and Energy. In addition for freezing your tron you get power, which is used to vote for tron representatives which I will explain down below.

Bandwith is used to make transactions without any fees on the Tron main network, compared to ethereum this will allow you to spare a lot of costs since everything costs gas there.

Energy is used to procces the functions of smart contracts, make sure you have enough when signing contracts so it doesn’t cost you any tron.

Freezing guide

To freeze you first must ofcourse have Tron in your wallet

1. Then go to the menu in the tronlink wallet, and simply click “Frozen/Unfrozen”. This will take you to a page on tronscan where you can freeze your trx

2. Now on this page scroll all the way down until you see the freeze button also if you have already frozen you can see and choose to unfreeze that here as well.  See image below bellow. Select freeze and a window will pop up.

3. Now you can insert the address where you want your rewards to go to, by default it sends it to your own. Secondly choose the amount. And after that choose bandwidth or energy and then click the confirm and freeze.

If you only make transactions on the network I suggest you to go with bandwidth, if you use dApps or want to I would split the amount of TRX I want frozen in 2 parts and put one on Bandwitdth the other on Energy this way you wont run out of any which could cost transaction fees. Now you have know how to freeze your TRX you will be able to vote.

Tron Voting

Like I mentioned before for every frozen TRX you get power and that can be used to vote for tron representatives. Tron representatives govern the Tron community by ensuring basic functions like block generation, bookkeeping and obtain corresponding earnings. And you and other Tron holders get to vote which 27 individuals will be doing this. Herefore a lot of Tron representatives give back to the people that vote on them. This way you can earn rewards everyday based on how much voting power you have.

Here is an link to a website with an overview of all the representatives and the reward amount they give for voting on them. Tronrewards

And below I explain how you can freeze and vote.


Voting guide

1.  Open up Tronlink, and click the menu button.

tronlink wallet guide image

2. Now choose voting, which will bring you to a page in your browser.

tronlink wallet guide image

3. When your on this page you will see a clickable text to vote, like shown in image below.

tronlink wallet guide image

4. Now you are able to put in your votes after the team you would like to vote on. After that click vote and you will get a notification from tronlink of the vote to sign, accept it and your done. See below image.

tronlink wallet guide image


At the end of the day you will receive your rewards for voting. You can vote every day and the amount of rewards you get is based on the amount of voting power you have voted with. So more frozen tron equals more votes and more rewards.

Now you have set up your wallet you can use it for dApps based on the tron network. Here you can learn more about dApps, and this link will get you straight to the Tron dApp page

I hope this was inforamtive let me know what you think with some feedback down below.

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